WTRtec App

Mobile application for monitoring and control remotely the WTRtec controllers.

English and Spanish versions available

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The WTRtec Mobile application allows to monitor and manage remotely the WTRtec controllers in water treatment and fertigation applications. It also allows to receive SMS and Emails alarms, configurable through the platform.

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Units for water treatment and agriculture

WTRtec is available in different models according to the specific needs of each installation:

  • WTRtec Blue: Chlorination in recirculation
  • WTRtec White: In-line chlorination of drinking water
  • WTRtec Grey: Cooling towers control
  • WTRtec Red: pH control
  • WTRtec Green: Proportional Fertigation, Conductivity (EC), pH
Inputs and Outputs


  • Cl2: ITC Sensor
  • Orp (RedOx)
  • pH
  • Flow
  • EC
  • ºC-ºF
  • Flow detector


  • Pump output (Cl, pH, proportional)
  • Control PIQ (Cl, pH, EC)
  • Alarms (Cl, ORP, pH, flow, EC
Screen captures (phone)
Key Features
Remote Control
Configuration and settings
Notifications and alarms
Real-time monitoring
Smart dosing
Historical data logging

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