A philosophy for innovation: Lean Manufacturing

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Since the transfer to our new facilities and commitment of continuous improvement, at ITC we have implemented the Lean Manufacturing model in our production process.

This model allows for an effective production, an improved quality and flexibility amongst our customers’ orders.

What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean Manufacturing, or adjusted fabrication, is the way towards a smart industry model. It consists of the elimination of unuseful elements, which are generating unnecessary costs and efforts, leaving the elements that are necessary to the production. Achieving faster deliveries, this working philosophy enables the reduction of time of pump production.

Leanboxexperts in Lean Manufacturing, have designed and constructed the new production units which provide the following benefits:

  • Production based on costumer’s pace.
  • Reduction of delivery time.
  • Fast detection of errors.
  • Optimization of human productivity.
  • Improvement of the ergonomics of the workplace.
    Optimization of space productivity.
  • Elimination of processes that do not provide added value.
  • Strategic vision, better results.
  • Resource optimization.
  • Higher quality.
  • Greater competitiveness.

At ITC we are committed to the Lean Manufacturing model, for innovation and continuous improvement. We have already begun to implement this new production system with our Dostec range producing spectacular results