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In the technical datasheets section, all of which are downloadable, you have precise information about our products on additional adjustments, configuration modes, technical characteristics or compatible accessories.

Electric Products

Dostec 40
D40001 Dostec40 Highlights
D40002 Dostec40 Technical Features

D40003 Dostec40 Motor assembly

D40004 Dostec40 Accuracy

D40006 Dostec40 piston head materials

D40007 Dostec40 diaphragm head materials

D40008 Pre-installation kit ¾”

D40012 Check valves 6x12

D40013 Check valves ¾”

D40014 Dostec40 Maintenance kit

D40100 Dostec40 regulator change

Dostec 50
D50002 Dostec50 Technical features

D50004 Dostec50 motor assembly

D50006 Pre-installation kit 1 ¼”

D50007 Dostec50 piston head materials

D50008 Dostec50 diaphragm head materials

D50009 Check valves 1 ¼"

D50010 Check valves 1 ¼" assembly

D50012 Sealed check valves 1 ¼"

D50013 Check valve 2” viscous products

D50101 Dostec50 rod slide change

D50102 Dostec50 Pulse Emitter assembly

Dostec AC
DAC002 Dostec AC Technical features

DAC004 Dostec AC Viscosity Limits
DAC007 Gate Dostec AC

DAC010 Dostec AC Firmware programmer
DAC010 Dostec AC Programmer Software
DOSmart AC
DSM001 DOSmart AC Technical_features

ACC016 Foot valve L ¾” with filter
ACC056 Injection valve L ¾” 15l/h
ACC057 Injection valve L ¾” 60l/h
MF000 MF Technical Features

MF003 MF Working principle

MF010 MF Oil level check

MF031 MF motor assembly

MF040 MF Accuracy
MF100 MF Maintenance

MF101 MF Trouble shooting (FAQ)

MF102 Cylinder seals change
MF103 Piston change

MF104 Below change

Tekdos FP
TKD001 Tekdos FP Technical features
TKD002 Tekdos FP API 675 Desviation list
EFR001 EFR Technical features

VAR016 Frequency Inverter

ACC003 Antisiphon valve ¾”

ACC012 Foot valve 6x12 with filter

ACC013 Foot valve ¾” with filter

ACC014 Foot valve 1 ¼” with filter

ACC015 Y-strainer

ACC016 Foot valve L ¾” with filter
ACC022 Suction lance 6x12

ACC023 Suction lance ¾”

ACC024 Suction lance 1 ¼”

ACC031 Priming valve 6x12

ACC032 Priming valve ¾”

ACC033 Priming valve 1 ¼”

ACC041 Relief valve DN6-¾”

ACC042 Relief valve DN8-¾”

ACC043 Relief valve DN20- 1”¼

ACC052 Injection valve 6x12

ACC053 Injection valve ¾”

ACC054 Injection valve 1 ¼”

ACC056 Injection valve L ¾” 15l/h
ACC057 Injection valve L ¾” 60l/h
ACC061 Pulsation Dampener

ACC062 Calibration cylinders

ACC070 Dosing skid
K10001 100L Dosing station

K25001 250L Dosing station

K35001 350L Dosing station

K50001 500L Dosing station

K100001 1000L Dosing station

VENT001 Ventilation 24V

VENT002 Ventilation 230V

VAR030 V1000 Frequency Inverter assembly

Hydraulic Products

ECO001 ECO Installation

ECO010 ECO Technical features

ECO101 ECO Trouble shooting

FER002 Fertic Installation

FER010 Fertic Technical Features

FER101 Fertic Trouble shooting

ACC001 Antisiphon valve

ACC003 Antisphon valve ¾”

ACC015 Y-strainer

ACC053 Injection valve ¾”


DSI001 Dositec Technical features

DSI002 Check valves

DSI003 Dositec head materials
DSI004 Dositec deagassing head

DSI007 Dositec Installation

ACC011 Foot valve 4x6 with filter

ACC021 Suction Lance 4x6

ACC041 Relief valve DN6-3/4”

ACC042 Relief valve DN8-3/4”

ACC051 Injection valve 4x6
ACC070 Dosing and control skid
K10001 100L Dosing station

K25001 250L Dosing station

K35001 350L Dosing station

Mixer Products

AG003 Mixing suggestions

AG005 Mixer General Description

AG010 AG0.6m Technical features

AG011 AG1.1m Technical features

AG012 AG1.3m Technical features

AG013 AG1.5m Technical features

AG014 AG2m Technical features

Controller Products

Controller 3000
C3001 C3000 Wiring diagram

C3002 C3000 Technical Features
C3003 C3000 Installation
C3004 C3000 12 inputs module

C3007 Gate of Communications, Controller 3000

C3008 Radio Module for Water Controller 3000

C3010 C3000 WEB SCADA
C3011 Water Controller Technical features

C3012 WEB SCADA Local Vs. Cloud Manager

C3013 Water Controller 3000 versions

C3014 Water Controller 3000 firmware versions

C3015 C3000 Cables and connectors
WTEC001 WTRtec Technical Features
WTEC002 Panel WTRtec
WTEC003 WTRtec Options for cables and connectors
WTEC004 WTRtec Blue Technical Features
WTEC005 WTRtec WhiteTechnical Features
WTEC006 WTRtec Grey Technical Features
WTEC007 WTRtec Red Technical Features
WTEC008 WTRtec Green Technical Features
WTEC010 Panel WTRtec White
WTR001 Chlorination System

WTR002 Panel WTRpro

WTR003 WTRpro webSCADA
WTR004 WTRpro Technical Features
WTR005 WTRpro CL Technical features

WTR006 EChlorination scheme
WTR007 Gate of Communications, WTRpro

CL001 CL Sensor Technical features
CL002 Sensor holder Technical features

CL003 Sensor CL 420MB Technical features

CL004 Sensor CL 420MB ModBus communication

CL006 Sensor CL Maintenance
CL007 Gate of Communications, 420MB Sensor

PH001 PH Sensor Technical features
PH002 Panel PH Sensor Technical features
PH003 PH Waste Water Sensor Technical features
EC001 EC Sensor Technical features
ORP001 ORP Sensor Technical features
SEN001 Pressure Sensor Technical features
SEN002 Temperature Sensor Technical features
SEN003 Level Sensor Technical features
SEN004 Level Sensor Technical features
SEN005 Inductive Sensor Technical features
Compact V
CVCP001 CompactV Technical features
CM002 Data coverage detection
CM003 Router-3g configuration
CM004 Wifi antenna configuration
CM005 Gate ADSL router configuration
CAU 007 Flowmeter GF

CAU 008 Flowmeter Burkert

CAU009 Flowmeter adapter

CAU010 Converter for analog flowmeter (mA)

CAU012 Pulse converter low-high frequency

CAU 013 Flowmeter Dositec

VAR016 Frequency Inverter assembly

ACC070 Dosing and control skid
GA001 Communications Gate