Water treatment

The best solutions for obtaining high quality water in drinking water treatments, waste-water treatment plants, reuse and cooling towers

Water chlorination in pressure networks / High pressure pumping stations / Wells

In some places injecting (sodium or calcium) hypochlorite is usual for disinfecting water from wells in the well-head in order to use the transport time to the treatment plant. The use of equipments able to inject against high network pressures is often needed.

Cooling tower treatment

Legionella prevention in cooling systems requires the use of a biocide whose concentration should be kept constant along the water circuit. The pH should also be kept under control (in order to prevent from corrosion or improving the biocide performance) as well as the electrical conductivity.

Preparation and dosing of viscous products in water treatments

Preparation of polyelectrolyte solutions and subsequent dosing involves treating with highly viscous products. The use of low and very low frequency dosing devices, with high suction capacity, equipped with appropriate valves allows such fluids to be volumetrically treated in a wide range of Flow.

This aspect should also be considered in the dosing of viscous organic coagulants as a replacement for Ferric Chloride.