Quality policy


Developments, manufacture and equipment commercialization, to provide products and services solutions to the dosing of fluids in pressurized networks  for industrial processes, water treatment and agriculture. These developments correspond both to mechanical elements in the design of dosing pumps, as well as electrical and electronic pumps and communication for their management.



The main vision is the introduction of ITC products internationally, as well as the creation of a benchmark in the world of dosing.



  • Product innovation
  • Customer loyalty
  • Staff and customer training
  • Participation in fairs
  • Participation in technical articles, papers, etc.

Operative values

We will support and give support, and also develop an organization that:

  • Be focused on continuous improvement
  • Be directed to meet customer expectations and applicable legal requirements
  • Be based on teamwork
  • Communicate openly and stimulate responses
  • Ensure proper training
  • Offer a safe work environment
  • Stimulate initiative, innovation and creativity
  • Recognize individual and team achievements
  • Delegate decision making to the lowest competent level


To achieve this, we will set the indicators corresponding to each of the measurable parameters to which we will assign values ​​that will constitute our quality objectives for the fixed period.

Quality objectives that accompany this declaration and which will be reviewed jointly in pre-determined periods.

The relations of our organization, internally with our collaborators and externally with subcontractors, suppliers and customers, will be honest, objective and straight, always recognizing the dignity of the person as a member of the team.

We admit that these are the shared values ​​within the organizations of ITC S.L.