Dostec 40

Diaphragm and piston dosing pumps
ITC  /   Dostec 40


  • Flow: 2.5-500 l/h
  • Maximum pressure: 20 bar
  • Dosing head isolated from the body by FPM bellows
  • Micrometric controller with safety locking
  • High pressure and long life PTFE membranes
  • Expandability for flow regulation by frequency inverter (10%-120% of the flow)
  • Flow
    2.5-500 l/h
  • Maximum pressure
    20 bar
Dostec 40

Product information

DOSTEC 40 dosing pumps are heavy duty, high precision, piston or diaphragm pumps for dosing liquid products.

This series allows many injection possibilities depending on the head being chosen. The available heads are from 2,5 to 600 l/h for the piston series, and from 5 to 300 l/h for the diaphragm series.

DOSTEC 40 dosing pumps are manufactured with materials that can resist most chemicals products, even acids. They are designed for all sorts of processes where it is necessary to dose a product into a hydraulic network, such as: food, textile, chemical industry, water treatments, etc.

Dosing flow of each module is adjustable independently with no need to stop the pump from 0% to 100% of its capacity.

Piston60-AP11-P24_ _L2,50.630.820/15217
60-AP13-P24_ _L51.361.620/15217
60-AP14-P24_ _L92.410.52.720/15217
60-AP33-P24_ _L154184.720/15217
60-AP34-P24_ _L256.630820/15217
*60-AP53-P24_ _L369.5--15217
60-AP44-P24_ _L5013.2601615217
*60-AP53-P34_ _M7219--15217
60-AP44-P34_ _M10026.412031.715120
*60-AP54-P34_ _M12031.7--15217
*60-AP53-P49_ _M14438.7--11160
60-AP44-P49_ _M20052.824063.411160
60-AP54-P49_ _M24063.42887611160
60-AP44-P61_ _M30079360957100
*60-AP54-P61_ _M36095--7100
60-AP44-P77_ _M5001326001584.565
*60-AP54-P77_ _M600158--458
Diaphragm60-AD11-D69_ _L5,3-81.4-2.16.4-9.51.7-2.516232
60-AD21-D69_ _L9,1-132.4-3.410.9-15.52.9-416232
60-AD31-D69_ _L15.2-224-5.818.2-264.8-716232
60-AD41-D69_ _L32-448.4-11.638-539.6-1415217
*60-AD51-D69_ _L38-5310-14--15217
60-AD42-D69_ _M57-7715-20.368-9218-24.610145
60-AD43-D69_ _M69-9318.2-24.583-11122-29.410145
*60-AD51-D95_ _M83-10422.7-27.5--8116
60-AD42-D95_ _M120-14431.7-38114-17338-45.68116
60-AD43-D95_ _M144-17438-46173-20945.6-558116
*60-AD53-D95_ _M173-20945.7-55.2--8116
60-AD42-D115_ _M209-23755.2-62.6251-28466-75572
60-AD43-D115_ _M251-28566.3-75.3301-34279-90572
*60-AD53-D115_ _M301-34279.5-90.3--572

Connections: L (3/4” – 6X12) / M (3/4”)

Voltage: 230 / 400 Vac 3ph 50/60Hz, 110/230 Vac 1ph 50/60Hz, 12/24Vdc
Power: 0.37 Kw (0.5 Hp)
Protection: IP55 clase F

Cylinder: P.P / AISI 316 / PVDF / PTFE
Diaphragm: Elastomer base reinforced with fiber and P.T.F.E clothing
Piston: Ceramic / PEUHMW
Sealing: FPM
Valve (body): P.P / AISI 316 / PVDF / PTFE
Valve (ball): glass / glass borosilicate / AISI 316
Block: Aluminium cast

Weight: 10 kg (22lb)



Data sheets

D40001 Dostec40 Highlights
D40002 Dostec40 Technical Features

D40003 Dostec40 Motor assembly

D40004 Dostec40 Accuracy

D40006 Dostec40 piston head materials

D40007 Dostec40 diaphragm head materials

D40008 Pre-installation kit ¾”

D40012 Check valves 6x12

D40013 Check valves ¾”

D40014 Dostec40 Maintenance kit

D40100 Dostec40 regulator change

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