Hydraulic piston dosing pumps
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  • Flow: 25 – 500 l/h
  • Pressure: 1 – 12 bar
  • Flow
    25-500 l/h
  • Pressure
    1-12 bar

Product information

FERTIC is a hydraulic pump for dosing liquid or soluble fertilizers dissolution, for their injection into the irrigation system.

It is completely compact, with no other outer elements than the connection hoses, and it does not cause any pressure loss in the irrigation pipes.

The FERTIC pump can be automated by means of a programmer which acting on an electrovalve, opens or closes the entrance of the drainage water

Flow Pressure Graph

Working pressure: 1-12 bar
Water consumption: twice the injection of fertilizer
Materials in contact with the fertilizer: P.P – FPM
Connections: Hose racord 20




Data sheets

FER002 Fertic Installation

FER010 Fertic Technical Features

FER101 Fertic Trouble shooting

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