Sustainable Innovation and Development

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ITC’s Technical and R&D department is constantly developing improvements and components that bring new functions and capabilities to the company’s products.

In recent months ITC has collaborated on the final degree project of engineer Yeray Alvarez Cozar to develop a new multifunction accessory for dosing equipment.

The main objectives of this project were to study the needs that required the implementation of this multifunction component and, subsequently, to create a suitable design to adapt it to the dosing pumps it has to work with.


The importance of adapting this accessory to the characteristics of the pumps where it will be used, both in terms of flow and pressure, was crucial, so the fluid flow sections were studied to avoid excessive losses in large flows, but, on the other hand, it was also taken into account not to make excessively large sections for the minimum flow rates of the pumps.

In the development of these accessories, the environmental impact has also been taken into account, which has led to a reduction in the manufacture of the essential components as well as the symmetrical design of the part, or the reduction of the material strictly necessary to save on subsequent production.