Environmental Commitment

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The plan of Corporate Responsibility objectives of ITC for 2022 includes participation in the conservation of the Environment and the involvement of employees to achieve these sustainability objectives.

These objectives include obtaining ISO 14001 certification, which is an International Environmental Management Standard.

One of the main objectives of ISO is continuous improvement, which is why the number of waste collection points at ITC’s facilities has been increased in order to improve waste management.

This improvement has been well received by ITC employees, who have started to make use of the new containers installed at different key points in the headquarters, which will provide sustainability benefits that will help to reduce the environmental impact generated by the manufacture of ITC equipment.

Apart from ITC’s efficiency in waste management, the efficiency of the production process has also been intensified and improvements are constantly being made to the equipment to increase the product’s life cycle, so that all members of staff are fully involved in the Corporate Responsibility objectives set out in the corporate objectives.