ITC sponsor of Nuevo Regadío Forum and Demo HortiData

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The week of June 27th was held the events Nuevo Regadío Fórum, from June 27th to July 1st in hybrid format and the fair Demo HortiDATA, on June 28th in Murcia. ITC collaborated in both events, adding strength to both proposals, which provide technological and digital solutions to problems and situations in agriculture.

The Nuevo Regadío Fórum and the use of water in agriculture

The Nuevo Regadío Fórum tries, one more year, to be a point of union and transfer of knowledge and experiences between agents related to the agriculture of the 21st century, such as public administration workers, businessmen and collaborators, and other professionals of the sector from Spain and Latin America.

After the great success it had in 2021, both in attendance, support and sponsorship, iAgua has returned to organize another edition in 2022. This year the event has returned in online format during the first 4 days, and in person on the last day. Bringing together, in total, more than 40 presentations by experts and professionals.

The topics covered included irrigation efficiency in aspects such as equipment, energy, digitalization, sustainability and responsible use of water, and the transformation of crop processes. But the main theme was the benefits that irrigation has on elements such as society, the environment or the economy.

Demo HortiDATA, the new fair for the horticultural sector

The Demo HortiDATA was organized on June 28th by the Murcian Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Research and Development. The event was attended by industry experts such as Antonio Luengo, Minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Environment and Emergencies; Victor Serrano, director of IMIDA, and Gissele Falcón, director of Salt Agromarketing.

At this event, topics such as the ideal tools for horticulture, digitization and innovation in the sector or the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices were presented. Despite being its first edition, the event turned out to be a total success and a way to transmit the latest advances in the agricultural activity.

Hortidata Murcia Evento Agrícola

ITC once again surprises with the applications of its metering pumps

ITC has attended both fairs to present its metering pumps and their useful applications in agriculture. At the Nuevo Regadío Forum, our Area Manager, Manuel Recio, participated in the session Materials and Equipment for Irrigation where he explained the importance of rationalizing the fertilizers used in irrigation to reduce the contamination of aquifers and their impact on the subsoil. “In the coming years, precision fertigation will become even more important than it is today and this trend positions ITC as the reference supplier that it is”.

At the Demo HortiDATA 2022, ITC also exhibited its metering pumps, highlighting the Dostec AC and DOSmart AC and their dosing solutions. They also presented their benefits in dosing for fertigation, showing their efficiency in fertilizer use and irrigation quality to ensure optimal crop growth.

Also, VIFREMOSA, partner and distributor of ITC, attended a training course for farmers organized by a specialized center, where he presented various fertigation systems implemented on a farm. In this presentation the great benefits of these methods were remarked, emphasizing the importance of the cultivation of a quality irrigation and a correct dosage of fertilizers.

As time goes by, the need for new agricultural methodologies that are more respectful with the environment and with a responsible use of resources is more and more highlighted. For this reason, ITC is proud to present its fertigation dosing pumps as a way to ensure a high production of your crop through a conscious use of water and fertilizers.

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