ITC has worked together with Mounir Ghailan Tribak, an UPC student, to develop an automatic purge valve.

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valvula de purga automatica

ITC has been collaborating with students and universities for a long time, always supporting new talents and collaborating in their training and experience. For this collaboration it has been proposed the creation of a valve that purges all the gas from the pump head to help the pump in its dosing process.

A successful project with great value

The purpose of this project is to provide solutions to a problem that affects the quality of pump dosing. When gases are present in the pump head, its operation can lose efficiency or even stop completely. This mishap can result in costs for the consumer and require more attention on their part.

To avoid this situation, ITC has worked with UPC student Mounir Ghailan Tribak to develop and manufacture a head that allows the evacuation of all gases. The output of these agents is produced through an automatic purge valve in an effective, economical and applicable to a large number of applications and procedures.

This head provides a great benefit for the dosing pumps, which gain autonomy and better efficiency in their operation. This new improvement is currently in the testing phase, pending future approval and commercialization.

Practical benefits of the gas purge header

This project has been a complete success due to its efficiency and precision in achieving the functionality for which it was designed, the automatic evacuation of gases and noxious agents, thus avoiding any unforeseen event that could directly influence the operation of the dosing pump. Its volumetric efficiency is over 90%.

Some of its advantages are:

Application in real situations, such as industrial processes.
● Guarantees correct operation of pumps avoiding the risk of unnecessary costs.
Gains autonomy and reduces user effort and attention
Sustainable and environmentally responsible design.

This project demonstrates the importance of supporting and helping young talents in the pursuit of experience and knowledge. The result is nothing more and nothing less than an advanced head whose technology guarantees the efficiency and safety of the dosing performed, providing great value and an innovative product that solves one of the main drawbacks when dosing.