The Vertical Vegetable Garden, a new internal ITC project

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ITC continues to develop new and beneficial internal projects that motivate and guarantee the constant quality and knowledge of its products. The company’s new project, the Vertical Vegetable Garden, was born out of this intention. An idea that will unite all the company’s employees in its development.

A vertical garden is a gardening system that offers the possibility of growing ornamental plants or food for consumption. The main characteristic of these gardens, as their name suggests, is that they take advantage of vertical surfaces such as walls for their establishment. This saves a large amount of space, and does not even need any additional requirements, only direct contact with sunlight.

The main reason ITC wanted to develop this vertical garden is that it provides the possibility of being able to test its dosing pumps as if it were a real installation in a field. This strengthens the brand’s knowledge of its products and opens up a wide range of new ideas.

Currently, the project is in an initial design phase in which the creation of different characterised areas where vegetables, aromatic herbs and even ornamental plants will be cultivated.

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