Strengthening ties

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The ITC team is the backbone of the company. Each of its employees brings to the company a unique and essential value, and it is this amount of values and talents that makes ITC the benchmark company it is today.

For this reason, ITC encourages the development and establishment of positive and good relationships between all workers. A healthy and optimistic work environment is essential to face all the challenges that arise, such as to continue working for constant improvement and innovation.

With the aim of motivating these relationships between colleagues and promoting group dynamics, ITC arranges once a year a corporate event so the team can share moments together, lives new experiences and take part of special activities. Having fun together has a great power to unite and create bonds between people who share it.

This year, the initiative took the whole team to Sant Just Desvern. The first thay began with the purpose to strengthening ties with a personal and group getting to know each other session, and ended with a night out in the area, after a nice dinner at Saona restaurant in Barcelona.


The next day, the excitement was contagious with the two special team activities formed by members of different departments. The first was Archery Tag, a strategy game in which the objective is to eliminate the members of the opposing team and shoot at the target using a combat bow with foam-tipped arrows, the different actions that the team performs give a score that decides who is awarded the victory.

The second activity was Bubble Football, a crazy variation on the game of soccer in which players are introduced into a large inflatable ball of large dimensions. The fun is guaranteed.


To say goodbye to the experience, they closed the activity with a meal at the Masia Museu Serra.

Undoubtedly, these two days are a turning point in the routine of the people who make up the team and provide the opportunity to connect personally and spend unrepeatable moments that will be relived in the form of anecdotes by the entire team.