Interview with Jose Alberto Garcia, ITC's Production Head

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Jose Alberto Garcia is ITC’s Production Head, he is the one in charge of making sure that the production is carried out successfully and in an optimal time frame. Undoubtedly, the work done by Jose together with his workshop co-workers is key to carry out the different processes in an exemplary manner and meet the needs and requirements of customers who rely on our brand and product.

For this reason, we have talked with him about his role in the company, his professional career, and what it means to be in a company like ITC.


Being a Production Head must be a position with a lot of responsibilities and requirements. Tell us, how would you explain your job to someone outside ITC?

It consists of managing the resources available to carry out the company’s production. I try to coordinate and help the production team run smoothly. It is a very dynamic and motivating position.


What do you think are the main requirements to guarantee the satisfaction of each customer?

First of all, that the product matches the customer’s needs. Then, to give them the best possible service.


Because of your responsibilities, you will have to be present for all, or at least a large part, of the production process of ITC’s dosing pumps. What can you tell us about them?

They are designed to last and are easy to maintain, in fact, we get repairs on pumps that are over 25 years old and still working!


ITC’s dosing pumps are a perfect example of how to use the most advanced technology to provide solutions for different fields such as agriculture, water treatment or industry. What would you highlight about these products?

We have the Dostec AC and Dosmart with which we achieve accurate dosing for many applications. We have incorporated electronics into our pumps to be more precise and to be able to communicate with them.


When it comes to balancing times and organizing every aspect of the production, contact and connection with other co-workers must be fundamental. What positive things would you highlight about the ITC team?

We are an experienced team with the ability to adapt to different situations in production. The Lean manufacturing method, implemented 5 years ago, and the involvement of the whole team, have helped us to work more effectively and more cohesively, thus improving the delivery times of our products.


ITC is a company involved with the environment and sustainability. What contributions are made in the factory to improve the environment?

We use recycled material for product packaging and we do selective collection inside the factory, so we recycle every waste we generate. In addition, we have recently installed solar panels in ITC, which allows us to reduce our CO2 emissions, making our production as environmentally friendly as possible.


Constant technological advancement is a factor that has a great influence on sectors such as this. How do you think this will affect ITC’s production in the future? What do you expect from these innovations and what aspect would you like them to facilitate your work?

Over the last few years we have had great improvements in our manufacturing. I like the automations that accompany the worker to perform the tasks.