The importance of women in agriculture: Maria Aguilera and the agricultural exploitation of the Finca el Túnel.

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To continue evolving the agricultural sector, it is crucial to achieve gender equity in the presence of men and women in this field.

The entry of women into the agricultural field has brought significant changes and improvements, such as the implementation of sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices, which have helped preserve land and natural resources for future generations.

To highlight the relevance of women in agriculture, we had the honor of speaking with Maria Aguilera, a prominent farmer who has dedicated her life to cultivating Finca el Túnel. Maria is an example of perseverance and dedication in a sector traditionally dominated by men. In this interview, we will learn more about her experience and perspectives in a fundamental sector for society.



To start, what is Finca el Túnel like, and what kind of agricultural exploitations do you have there? What is your main crop?

It is a small agricultural exploitation that in our area is known as a greenhouse. The main crop of the farm is cucumber and zucchini.


What is your role in the agricultural exploitation of Finca el Túnel, and what is your day-to-day like?

My role is to organize and work on the tasks. It depends on the day; different tasks have to be carried out because we don’t do the same thing every day.


In the management of Finca el Túnel, you must encounter a large number of difficulties. How does your team organize to face the different problems that may arise?

We have to coordinate the tasks that arise every day to have good organization.


Do you think that innovation and digitization of sectors such as agriculture favor the inclusion of women?

Yes, because it physically makes it less challenging.


What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

It is an important day for the integration of women in the workplace as it is dedicated to the struggle for equality and participation in many fields.


What aspects do you consider fundamental when managing an agricultural exploitation?

Knowledge about what to do and the experience you acquire over time.


How do ITC dosing pumps help you in fertigation?

It greatly facilitates the work of fertilizing plants due to its high precision.


What aspects would you highlight about ITC pumps?

It has simple handling, requires low maintenance, and has superior precision compared to other irrigation systems used in the field.


Managing an agricultural exploitation requires time and a lot of effort. In what aspects would you like technology to help you in the future?

I would like it to help me in the physical aspect, such as machines to facilitate the work.