We talked with Nuria Balada about her role in ITC and the importance of gender equality in the workplace.

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In the framework of International Women’s Day, we have the honor of speaking with Nuria Balada, one of our outstanding workers who plays the role of Administration Officer at ITC.

Nuria is one of the key elements in ITC’s structure, as her work contributes to the efficiency, transparency, and proper functioning of the company.

From ITC, we wanted to talk to her to learn more about her professional experience and achievements, as well as her reflections on the importance of gender equality in the workplace and society.


How would you explain your role as an Administration Officer within ITC?

As the head of my department, I apply my work methodically to all my financial, accounting, and administrative control tasks, so that when analyzing results, they are as accurate and up-to-date as possible.


How would you explain ITC’s philosophy and values from your own perspective?

To provide a good, competent quality product and, above all, a good and effective commercial and technical response service in case there are questions about the functioning of their facilities. Therefore, leaving our customers satisfied so that they continue to trust us in the future.


What role do you think International Women’s Day plays in industrial or agricultural sectors?

Today, there are few women in these sectors, and we still have a long way to go, but there are agronomists, engineers, and researchers in these sectors who can reinforce the sector and encourage and motivate younger female generations.


Do you think these same sectors help and promote the labor inclusion of women?

Not yet, and it would be key for us to have labor inclusion in this sector, which in my opinion is still very male-dominated. It would be one more possibility for women’s work life.


Based on your work experience, what professional advice would you give to other women?

To do and work on what they really like without visualizing the gender in which they have worked until today. We are capable of everything with good professional training.


Do you think ITC’s values of innovation, responsibility, and constant improvement are important for the modernization of certain more traditional sectors?

To innovate, you have to keep up with the constant changes that our sectors and society in general are immersed in. Everything changes very quickly, and adaptation to change is the best value for modernization.


How do you see the future regarding the role of women in sectors such as industry, whether in different areas such as administration, workshop, etc.?

I want to see it positively. There are more and more female engineers and technicians in the industry, and the ideal would be 50% men and 50% women, but today, most women still work in offices. However, this will change if we fight for our rights.