Fame Innowa and InfoAgro: ITC at major agricultural events

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ITC y sus bombas dosificadoras en Infoagro

At ITC we believe in the importance of attending and contributing to events in the agricultural sector as they allow us to get closer to our customers and keep us updated on new changes in the market. For this reason, we have participated in two of the most important national agricultural exhibitions: Fame Innowa and InfoAgro.

Both events bring together every year professionals from the sector, such as suppliers, producers, researchers and farmers, to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge in the agricultural field. The main themes of both exhibitions were the incorporation of new technologies and machinery to facilitate and increase production in the different processes and challenges that the sector faces on a daily basis.

Our fertigation solutions for the agricultural sector

Throughout the various conferences, we showcased our fertigation equipment and solutions for different types of crops. As a leading dosing pumps brand, we are committed to providing our customers with innovative and easy-to-use tools to improve crop productivity and make their work on the farm easier.

We will continue to participate in agricultural exhibitions and other relevant events, as we see them as key venues to drive innovation and growth in the agricultural sector.

ITC would like to thank everyone who visited us at both events and our customers for their confidence in our solutions and equipment.