DOStream, ITC even closer to its clients

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At this point there is no doubt that last year, COVID changed the world, its people and especially the way we all interact.

Following the declaration of the global pandemic and the consequent population lockdown, we have been forced to find new ways of working and staying in touch. Since then, video calls have become both an appropriate and indispensable tool in the daily lives of many of us.

In a year in which face-to-face trade shows and exhibitions, business trips, office visits and commercial tours have disappeared from our lives, ITC has had to react to continue offering the best possible service to its clients and collaborators; adapting to the circumstances of the moment, offering virtual visits, remote assistance, trainings and workshops… while maintaining the dynamics of the company-client relationship what they are are best known for.

It is in this context that DOStream was born, a new ITC brand with the same goal of constantly improving the relationship with our clients, reinforcing and expanding communication channels with them.

By now you may be wondering what DOStream is. Each DOStream is different and adapts to our client’s needs. It can be a product presentation or a specific training of a team, but also a guided tour around our company or technical assistance for the commissioning of an installation. They are always cut to fit, so it is the customer who defines the need to be covered in them.

Thanks to DOStream, ITC can enhance the interactivity with our customers from all around the world, so that you can directly get in touch with all the people that make up ITC, for whatever reason you might need us. It is not a standard video or a massive webinar, as these types of activities do not fit with ITC’s philosophy.

What has become clear after this last year (and after more than a hundred DOStreams) is that this tool is not something temporary, but it is rather a keeper. It helps us maintain our commitment to quality in customer service and to customer and distributor training adapted to your needs.

With DOStream, as always, connected to you.