Ultrasonic level monitoring
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  • Level monitoring system por several tanks
  • Remote management via mobile phone app and web
  • Level measurement with ultrasonic sensors
  • Liquid level, low battery and communications faults alarms
  • Level monitoring
    with ultrasonic sensors
TLM Ultrasonic level monitoring

Product information

The TLM (Tank Level Manager) is a monitoring system for several tanks with remote management via an app for mobile phone and web.

The level measurement system uses ultrasonic sensors located at the top of the tank, with internal battery power supply and with wireless connection, which makes installation

The sensors communicate via Wi-Fi with a gate device connected in turn to the internet via Ethernet or 3G/4G.

Communication frequency between sensors and gate can be configured by the user. The equipment also has alarms for liquid level, low battery and communications faults, which can be configured to generate notifications via SMS and e-mail.

Communications gate:
Power supply: 100-240 V 50-60 Hz
Power: 6 W
IP65 protection
Working temperature: 0 – 45 °C / 32 – 113 °F
Maximum relative humidity: 95% without condensation
Connectivity: Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi

Level Sensor:
Type: Ultrasound, 75 kHz
Power supply: Lithium battery (2000mAh), 4 x 3.6 (14.4 VDC, non-rechargeable)
IP67 protection
Working temperature: -40 – +60 °C / -40 – +140 °F
Maximum relative humidity: 95% without condensation
Measurement range: 0.3 – 6 m / 1 – 20 ft
Materials: PP, epoxy-coated aluminium


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