Update of ITC’s Advanced Control pumps

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After 6 years from the release of DOSTEC AC in 2016 and with DOSmart AC about to reach its first year of life, ITC launches an update that will allow owners of ITC advanced control pumps to predict the wear condition of its components, thus allowing to conduct a more adequate maintenance of them and lengthening even more the useful lifespan of its products.
Today we interview Javier González, electronic and telecommunications engineer, to learn more about what this new update brings us.

Good morning Javier, you are part of ITC’s technical department, what are your main duties within the department?

In the technical department, my main duties are the design and programming of Dostec AC and Dosmart advanced control dosing pumps, as well as WTRtec and Water Controller 3000. I am also in charge of the design and programming of the IoT Cloud Manager platform and associated APPs. Like the rest of my colleagues at the technical department, I am also part of the SAT team (Technical Assistance Service) to be able to answer any inquiries or doubts about the operation of Cloud Manager platform and the control units. I consider that communication with both the commercial department and with our distributors is vital so that the design of our products is adapted to the real needs of our clients.

What features does this new update add to DOSTEC AC and DOSmart AC pumps?

The new version of Dostec AC and Dosmart AC includes a feature that allows to anticipate the maintenance that must be carried out with the different parts of the pump, such as the bellows, the diaphragm, the seals, the oil or the valves. It is the same kind of indicator that we can see in a car, and now Dosmart AC and Dostec AC pumps will warn us in the same way. In addition to this, we have made some small modifications that improve the performance of the pump.



ITC has been committed to new technologies and a more intuitive use of its equipment. What is reflected from this trend in the new update?

Both in the agricultural and in the industrial world, people have many tasks to do and being sure that the pump will warn us when it requires certain maintenance is a benefit for the installation and for the quality of life of the pump user. Because a timely maintenance can avoid some serious consequences on the installation.


“Being sure that the pump will warn us when it requires certain maintenance is a benefit for the installation and for the quality of life of the pump user.”


The update has also been added to the APPs of the different units, what new features does it include?

The Dosmart AC and Dostec AC applications have also been updated to include maintenance options, and it has been added a historical data record so that it is possible to view, from the APP itself, the variation of the different parameters of the pump, such as flow, inputs, outputs and alarms, throughout its operation.

Now that this update has been released, what are the next projects you have planned?

The following projects will be oriented at sensorizing our pumps in a higher degree to have more information about their behavior and to be able to detect malfunctions of either the pump or the installation. Then, regarding communications and IOT, we also intend to make a series of improvements in the usability of the APPs, so that it is even more user-friendly than now.