ITC Forest Kick-off

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ITC’s products are a reflection of the company’s environmental responsibility.

Thanks to its equipment units and their precise dosing capabilities, it is possible to make an efficient use of chemical products, reducing direct pollution from the use of the product, as well as indirectly reducing CO2 emissions derived from its manufacturing.

In 2022, the ITC Forest is created, a natural space cared for by its employees, which is specifically designed to protect and care for nature and will offset the carbon dioxide generated by the production of ITC equipment.

Employees participated in achieving environmental and sustainability goals through carbon offsetting and reduction projects. All ITC employees are involved in the project, and they especially sponsored a tree from the forest, which makes this initiative a success. In that way we will be contributing to the flora and fauna living in harmony again.

The project was initiated at the end of 2021 in collaboration with Bosquia, an expert reforestation company that knows the importance of forests and their indigenous trees.

The degraded area has now been prepared for reforestation and planting is scheduled for this February and its progress can be followed on the website and social networks.


By sponsoring this degraded natural site, ITC is committed to protecting and caring for nature by creating the ITC forest, which will allow it to repopulate with native trees, giving life and oxygen and increasing the green surface area of our planet.

With Bosquia’s supervision, the correct growth of the trees and the perpetuation over time of the new forest mass will be guaranteed, allowing biodiversity to recover, thus helping flora and fauna to live in harmony once again.