One Year of Dosmart AC

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In January 2021 ITC launched one of the most advanced dosing systems on the market: DOSmart AC, the series of dosing pumps with stepper motor and advanced control functions for precise and efficient automation of the dosing of liquid chemicals. This pump series is characterised by high precision, wide controllability, and high suction capacity even with viscous products.

The pump is equipped with a stepper motor, which improves the performance of pumps based on other operating principles and enables more precise metering and a wider flow range. This eliminates some of the limitations of other pump models and allows the customer greater flexibility in operation.

The pressure sensor combined with the stepper motor allows total flexibility in dosing and a significant improvement in operability.

DOSmart AC - Vista frontal

In this product, ITC places special emphasis on being able to cover a wider range of regulation and flow reduction than other similar models on the market. Its functions are very interesting in applications where greater precision, a wide flow range or where the operating conditions do not allow the use of other types of pumps are required.

The device has attracted a lot of interest and is expected to further increase market penetration by 2022 with the addition of new add-ons and features to the device.