A new phase at ITC

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ITC has been growing year after year, meeting its objectives and developing the most innovative products on the market. 2021 has been a year full of changes and new challenges that, despite the pandemic, has allowed it to expand in the industrial market and water treatment, as well as consolidating its position as a benchmark in the fertigation sector.

One of the most significant organisational changes that have taken place at ITC involves a change in the company’s management. The former Managing Director and co-founder Anton Planas has become the company’s new President, giving way to Xavier Corbella as the new CEO in charge of the company, who joined it 25 years ago and until now had held the position of Technical Director.

Xavier, as ITC’s new CEO, what are your objectives for the coming years?

We have recently been reflecting on how ITC should evolve in the coming years. We are at a good time to look for growth in the company. A sales network covering more than 70 countries, a complete product portfolio and new facilities are a good basis for our expansion strategy. This growth plan involves reinforcing certain key areas of the organisation, with the sales department being the most benefited with 4 new people in its structure. It is important to emphasize that this evolution will be carried out while maintaining our values of service oriented towards people, whether they are clients, suppliers or, of course, the ITC team. In short, without ceasing to be ITC.


With these changes, a new phase is beginning at ITC. What do you think are the big challenges facing the company?

We are dosing specialists, from dosing pumps to complete dosing control systems. Over the last few decades, we have dedicated ourselves to optimising in-line treatments applied to pH and electrical conductivity regulation, which has led us to become a world reference in fertigation. The online treatment of irrigation water is a complex process in which parameters such as water flow or pH and conductivity set points are constantly changing. Getting an in-line regulation system that works for irrigation water quickly and accurately means that any other less demanding processes, such as other drinking water treatment or purification, are perfectly covered by our technology. The evolution of the agricultural sector towards precision agriculture, due to the main need to minimise the use of water in irrigation, has another objective, perhaps less well known, which is to rationalise the use of fertilisers used, in order to reduce the impact on the subsoil and the contamination of aquifers. For this reason, in the coming years precision fertigation will become even more important than it is today, and this trend will leave us in an unbeatable position due to our track record and experience in precision fertigation.

What can customers expect from ITC and its products in the future?

Our customer, as a distributor of our products, will perceive a best support due to the increase in commercial activity. We will be closer to them and to our informative actions related to our experience, which will facilitate their commercial actions with the final customer. On the other hand, ITC’s new generation products, designed with IoT connectivity options, are ready to receive regular software updates, so year after year, we can offer new features to users by simply updating the software through the app. An easy way to keep products up to date without the need to replace them or rely on technical support. We understand that this is the best way to make precision dosing a user-friendly task.