ITC participates in IFAT, a leading trade fair in the water sector

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Last week, from May 30 to June 3, the latest edition of IFAT, the trade fair for water, wastewater, waste and raw or secondary materials, was held at the Munich fairgrounds. This year’s main themes were municipal services, cleaning, water technology and, above all, the environment.


IFAT, the leading water trade fair in Europe

IFAT is a reference fair in the water sector with a great projection and influence throughout Europe. For this reason, companies from Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Denmark, Poland, among many other countries attended.

This edition achieved a high level of attendance, proving once again to be the world’s largest trade fair for environmental technology. There were 2,984 exhibitors presenting their brands and services to more than 119,000 visitors from all over Europe.


Environmental care as the main focus

This year’s main theme was the efficient use and reuse of resources. The proper use of plastics, building materials and water is essential for the protection and care of the environment. At IFAT, different methodologies and solutions for the care of our environment and climate were presented.

The venue was divided into four areas in which the theme of circular economy in plastics, construction materials and the use of water in a sustainable and ecological way was discussed, focusing on a responsible and optimal use that avoids the waste of this and other resources.


ITC, example of sustainability in water treatment 

ITC, as a benchmark company in the manufacture of metering pumps, was present at the Munich fairgrounds to present its catalog and provide answers to all those visitors who wondered about their solutions to achieve the highest quality in water treatment.

Committed to the quality of its services and products, ITC is committed to constant innovation and improvement. By adding new changes to its products such as agitators, controllers and water quality sensors, ITC’s machinery allows the best efficiency in water management.

Among all the exhibitors that showed their products, ITC stood out precisely for its products and solutions to achieve the highest quality of water in different treatments such as drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, reuse or even cooling towers.

Dostec AC and DOSmart AC pumps were the star products of this past edition of IFAT. The reason for this is their state-of-the-art technology and advanced applications, which allow process automation and control of the use of chemical products.