Controller 3000

Fertigation controller for dosing up to 6 products
ITC  /   Controller 3000


  • PI and PIQ control for pH and EC online regulation
  • Monitoring and control via SCADA WEB
  • For dosing
    Up to 6 products
Controller 3000

Product information

Controller 3000 is a Fertigation Controller for the dosage of 6 different Products and on-line Control of the most important Parameters to adjust for each area in an Irrigation System: Flow, pH, Conductivity and Pressure.


  • Flow meter: Reading of the instantaneous Water Flow in the System
  • Electrical Conductivity (EC): Reading of the Water Conductivity in the System
  • pH: Reading of the Water pH in the System
  • Pressure: Reading of the Pressure in the System
  • Inputs of Remote Control Channels A/B
  • Fertigation Programme Inputs (Controller 3000-6/12): Information Inputs about the enabled Irrigation Area: By the signal of a simple Irrigation Programmer, Controller 3000 identifies the enabled Irrigation Area and will carry out the previously programmed Treatment for this Area


  • 6 analogue Outputs for Metering Pumps
  • Independent Alarms Outputs for Flow, EC, pH and Pressure
  • USB1 Port for a USB Memory Device (pen drive): it allows storing Records, Configuration and Programming of the Controller 3000, and to load a new Configuration and Programming previously executed by the Fertigation SCADA installed in the PC
  • USB2 Port for the connection to PC. It allows connecting the Controller to a computer with the Organic Irrigation SCADA installed, so you can visualize in real time the development of the Sensors Readings and Dosing Pumps Adjustment

Fertigation SCADA
PC Software for Data Supervision, Control and Acquisition:

  • Graphic Visualization in real time of all the variables executed by Controller 3000.
  • Graphs about the Development of Readings with maximum and minimum Values.
  • Table with Records exportable to a Spreadsheet.
  • Incidences List: Date, Time and Alarm type.
  • Traceability Document for each Irrigation Area: Consumption of Water, Fertilizer, Acids and Additives. Medium, maximum and minimum Values of pH, EC, Flow and Pressure. Alarms during the selected time.
6/122/12 6 2
Flowmeter (high frequency pulses)xxxx
EC (electrical conductivity)xxxx
Program / sectorxxxx
2x Pump output (4-20mA)xx
6x Pump output (4-20mA)xx
Alarm ECxxxx
Alarm pHxxxx
Alarm flowxxxx
Alarm pressurexxxx

Power supply: 230Vac (+/-20%) 50/60Hz
Protection: IP55
Temperature: 0-45 ºC
Max relative humidity: 95% (without condensation)




Data sheets

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