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Planters Montalat is an agricultural holding composed of several greenhouses located in the province of Girona (Catalunya) dedicated to the cultivation of plants and trees that are watered through irrigation trains.

Greenhouse irrigation controller

In this case, there are four problems to which solution should be given in order to have an effective irrigation system and adequate to installations.

  • First, it is noteworthy that this is a farm without electricity where it should be installed a complex irrigation system.
  • As a second point, the large variation of flow rates that is subjected each irrigation train (ranging from 1.5 to 15 m3) makes very difficult the automation. And it is also very complex when a train crosses an area only cultivated in a half, so the flow should drop by half, and different trains may overlap these changes.
  • Thirdly, being a property growing a big variety of plants and trees, it must be taken in account the amount of different fertilizer recipes needed.
  • Finally, note that, approximately in 3 years, it is expected to be done an extension of the place and of the greenhouses, so the difference between minimum and maximum flow rate could be higher.

ITC Solution

While studying the case, from ITC there are considered two solutions aimed to respond to the two main conflicts: the variation in flow rate and fertilizer, and the lack of electricity.

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To solve the complications that result from the constant variation in the flow, it is installed an irrigation and fertigation controller Water Controller 3000 with a dosing pump Multifertic regulated through a frequency inverter and servos, and pH control through a Dositec MA pump. The pump Multifertic with servos provides a lot of versatility as it allows changing dosing flow simultaneously with the servo (stroke adjustment) and with the inverter (changing speed). This enables very large flow dosing variations that adapt perfectly to the currently needs and the future ones. Also, with Water Controller 3000, there are solved the needs in different fertilizer formulas, depending on each crop.

Regarding the electricity, the same Water Controller 3000 automates the power of a generator that will feed the pump unit to start each irrigation cycle.

High performances of Water Controller 3000 allow Montalat doing a remote real-time monitoring of the evolution of irrigation through web. In can be analyzed and edited irrigation scheduling, checked daily tasks and automatically get monthly consumption reports and historical readings of pH, electrical conductivity, pressure, alarms, etc.

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  • Vilabertran (Girona – Spain)
Key Points
  • Property without electricity
  • Variety of flow rates and fertilizer depending on the section
  • Installation of an irrigation controller that automatically starts a generator and can manage fertigation in a wide range of flow rates and different fertilizer formulas
Used equipment