Application of wetting agents through the irrigation system at the Australian Golf Club

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The Australian Golf Club, the oldest Golf Club in the Commonwealth, inaugurated in 1882 and located 6km from Sydney, requires a new quimigation system to apply, among other chemicals, wetting agent for better water absorption and to prevent drought damage to the turf.

ITC Solution

Our autralian partner, Triangle Water equipment, with Paul Delaney, from Australian Turf Services, installed 2 Dostec AC Diaphragm pumps for injecting wetting agent and several other products.

The 2 pumps receive a signal from the Burkert paddle wheel flow sensor enabling the pumps to inject proportion to flow. Additionally, they have installed a float switch into the fertigation tanks for low level cut out.

Dan Cook, Australian Golf Club superintendent has installed the ITC App on his phone that allows him to control and manage the injection pump system from either his phone or Laptop.

The DOSTEC AC diaphragm pump was selected for this application due to having advanced dosing control with accurate and efficient automatic regulation.

The pump can be controlled by various modes including Analogue 4-20Ma, Proportional to flow, Batch dosing, Manual flow and Modbus supervisory control.

The advanced dosing functions include Remote activation (on/off), Test Function, Flow Calibration, Low Pulsation discharge function and will handle high viscosity products.

  • Rosebery, New South Wales, Australia
Key points
  • Proportional to flow wetting agent and quemical injection.
  • Accurate and efficient automatic regulation.
  • Remote control from either phone or Laptop.
Equipment used
  • DOSTEC AC: advanced control diaphragm dosing pump.Dostec AC is a diaphragm or piston dosing pump with advanced control for an accurate and efficient automatic dosing.