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Bioplastics production case study
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The spanish startup VEnvirotech Biotechnology has developed a technology that makes it possible to generate polyhydroxyalkanoate bioplastics (PHAs) from organic waste using bacteria, which allows the recovery of organic waste generated by agri-food companies and sludge from industrial or municipal water treatment plants.

In the VE-BOX pilot plant, built inside maritime containers and installed in an agri-food plant of the spanish dairy company Leche Pascual, a biological process in which these bacteria feed on the “white water” from the organic waste of the plant takes place, making its resulting bioplastic a 100% biological and sustainable product.

VEnvirotech requires a fluid dosing system that meets the following characteristics:

  • Very precise dosing of chemicals for optimal generation of bioplastics.
  • Compact system that can be easily integrated into the limited interior space offered by the maritime container in which the VE-BOX is installed.

ITC Solution

After a thorough analysis of the needs of this system, ITC proposes the following solution:

  • Dostec 40 and Dositec pumps to dose the necessary chemical products for the treatment of process water, also known as “white water”, generated after cleaning the tanks and pipes of the production process in the dairy industry.
  • Complete dosing skids including diaphragm pumps and accessories such as isolation, backpressure, relief, foot and injection valves, all of which is integrated into a compact wall design that optimizes space.

The innovative technology developed by VEnvirotech requires high precision and control for the correct generation of the produced bioplastics, so Dostec 40 and Dositec pumps, as well as ITC’s scalability and ad hoc solutions, play a key role in the development of the product and allow to continue adding value to the bioplastic generated by this bacteria.

  • Catalonia, Spain
Key Points
  • The requeriment of a compact fluid dosing system.
  • Optimal precision and control for the correct generation of the produced bioplastics.
Used equipment
  • DOSTEC 40: Diaphragm and piston dosing pumps.
    Dostec 40
  • DOSITEC: Manual electromagnetic dosing pump.
    Dositec MP